our story

Hi there! We are Isaac and Callie Kennel, founders of coocoos cookies. Cookies have always held a special place in our lives. Whether it was sneaking dough when mom wasn’t looking, the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies being served at our wedding, or late-night mixing in our current home, cookies are synonymous with love in our lives. And sharing them with friends and family has long been a dream of ours, ever since Callie was calling them “coocoos” while learning to talk.

But our story really starts about a month into quarantine. We were missing our people and feeling disconnected from their lives. We decided to make a batch of cookies and deliver them around town.

Don’t worry, we executed flawless contactless delivery by ding-dong-ditching our unsuspecting friends. (If this sparks any ideas for you, make sure your boss’s house is not the first stop and it is not 8 AM on a Sunday morning.)

Before we even finished the deliveries, the texts and phone calls were pouring in. It was eye-opening to see the impact that big, melty chocolate chip cookies delivered to their doorstep could have. This small box of baked good was a big reminder that our community was stronger than any pandemic. That day, we realized that Corvallis needs coocoos.

Our business is to deliver the best cookies in Corvallis, but our mission is to spark joy in the lives of everyone in our hometown. We are a reminder that food can bring us together, even when we are apart. So please, order a box for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your coworkers, for your neighbors. Let’s fulfill our mission, let’s spread some joy in Corvallis.